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WEEK 3: Jobs and Job-hunting


Make sure to answer your Keypal's Questions! Try to follow up there reply to your questions about food and meals.with another related question. Remember: the key to keeping an interesting dialogue is to ask questions related to what the other person is saying.


Write to your keypal about the following:

      What kind of job(s) do you do or have you ever done?

      What job do you want to do in the future? How prestigious is that job in society?

      Think about your culture. List these jobs in order of importance in your society (No.1 = most respected, No.5 = least respected): teacher, priest, lawyer, politician, farmer, banker. Explain your answer.

      Do men and women have different career expectations, if so what? (Think about what you want to do/expect from your future career. Are your expectations different from male/females?


Ask your keypal any questions you like about Jobs & Job-hunting.