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6.00am   Breakfast Round-up of national and international news, plus the latest from the money markets (888) (Stereo) The National Lottery Daily Play

9.00am   Kilroy Women who cheated on their husbands discuss what made them stray, whether their partners were ever able to forgive them and the effects their adultery had on their children (888) (Stereo) BBC News; Weather (888)

10.00am Garden Invaders Linford Christie presents as designer Ali Ward creates a low-maintenance garden with raised flower-beds for an elderly man (888) (Stereo)

10.30am House Invaders Linda Barker and her handy companions transform a cellar into a luxury living space using coffee-coloured tones (888) (Stereo) BBC News; Weather (888)

11.00am Trading Up Gordon Whistance and Hilary Charlewood visit Coventry, where they spruce up a property to make it more desirable to would-be buyers (888) (Stereo)

11.30am To Buy or Not to Buy Kristian Digby and Dominic Littlewood visit Stratford-upon-Avon to find homes which potential buyers can try out before deciding whether to make an offer, including a cottage beside a babbling brook (888) (Stereo) BBC News; Weather (888)

12.00pm Trading Treasures Lorne Spicer presents as a married couple battle two neighbours to raise cash from their clutter at a car-boot sale in Ford near Arundel. Antique experts Mark Oliver and Mark Franks are on hand to offer expert advice (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm Bargain Hunt Tim Wonnacott sends two teams out around the Jaguar Antiques Fair in Derby to search for bargains, and one of them brings along an extra family member to help (888) (Stereo)

1.00pm   BBC News; Weather (888)

1.30pm   Regional News and Weather

1.40pm   Neighbours Lyn enjoys her return to work, but feels guilty when she comes home late. After an ear-bashing from Joe, she turns to shoplifting, but is horrified to be caught red-handed and begs the assistant not to call the police. Susan remains at loggerheads with Karl over Darcy's trial, as she begins to feel the pressure of testifying against a blood relative, while Edwina comes clean to Taj about her fling with Jack, paving the way for a confrontation between the two boys (888) (Stereo)

2.05pm   Doctors Marc faces a dilemma when he writes a prescription which has a damaging effect on a patient's wife, and Julia loses sight of Ciaran (888) (Stereo)

2.35pm   Murder, She Wrote Jessica investigates the demise of a flamboyant hypnotist, who died behind locked doors, in front of an audience of journalists. Mystery, guest starring Jose Ferrer (888) (Stereo)

3.20pm   BBC News; Regional News (888)

3.25pm   CBeebies

       Fimbles Fimbo is delighted when he finds a kite as it will help Ribble to fly (888) (Stereo)

3.45pm    CBBC

         Arthur Muffy is proud when her dad becomes the new soccer coach — until he puts the team through a demanding training programme. Meanwhile, Binky refuses to attend band practice (888) (Stereo) 4.10pm New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show A Minotaur appears in Greece (888) 4.20pm The Story of Tracy Beaker Crash loses his temper (888) (Stereo) 4.35pm The Fairly Odd Parents Timmy wants to be popular (888) (Stereo) 5.00pm Byker Grove Mickey stands up to Spencer (888) (Stereo) 5.25pm Newsround Current affairs reports (888) (Stereo)

5.35pm    Neighbours Lyn enjoys her return to work, but feels guilty when she comes home late. After an ear-bashing from Joe, she turns to shoplifting, but is horrified to be caught red-handed and begs the assistant not to call the police. Susan remains at loggerheads with Karl over Darcy's trial, as she begins to feel the pressure of testifying against a blood relative, while Edwina comes clean to Taj about her fling with Jack, paving the way for a confrontation between the two boys (888) (Stereo)

6.00pm    BBC News (888)

6.30pm    Regional News Programmes

7.00pm    Bargain Hunt Baritones take on tenors as two teams comprising members of Corwen's Male Voice Choir are challenged to pick up bargains at an antiques fair in North Wales, with the help of experts Philip Serrell and Mark Stacey. Plus, presenter David Dickinson examines the history of Welsh love spoons, and tries his hand at rounding up sheep (888) (Stereo)

7.30pm    EastEnders Phil and Minty are pleased to see the club swarming with police, but remain baffled by Den's calm demeanour and offer of a free drink. An emotional Sonia tells Martin she blames him for Jamie's death after he begins moaning about the state of his life, and Janine is left questioning the wisdom of making Barry the happiest man in Walford. Andy is angry to overhear Alfie tell Spencer about his night with Kat, and Garry's hopes are raised when Lynne arranges to meet him (888) (Stereo)

8.00pm    Superstars Skiers Martin and Graham Bell, athlete Du'aine Ladejo, soccer star Dennis Wise, boxer Ricky Hatton, cricketers Richie Richardson and Chris Lewis, rugby legend Martin Offiah, and former Superstars world champion Brian Hooper, the oldest competitor in the tournament, battle against the heat of La Manga and each other for the last two places in the final. Suzi Perry and Johnny Vaughan present (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm    Hunting Chris Ryan In the final mission of the series, the former SAS man braves the dangers of the Tsodilo Hills in Botswana to rescue a downed pilot, flying them both out in a hidden microlight before being tracked down by the Hunter Force, who have enlisted the additional help of the Botswana Defence Force. The mission has a special poignancy for Ryan, as a comrade died in the same hills 17 years previously, but his attentions remain focused on the area's biggest threat — deadly snakes (888) (Stereo)

10.00pm BBC News at Ten O'Clock (888)

10.30pm Regional News and Weather

10.35pm Question Time David Dimbleby is joined in Glasgow by a panel of guests comprising writer and broadcaster Edwina Currie, Minister for Europe Denis MacShane, MSPs John Swinney and Rosie Kane, and Lord Strathclyde, Leader of the Conservatives in the Lords (888) (Stereo)

11.35pm This Week Andrew Neil is joined by MPs Ann Widdecombe and Clare Short to discuss political and parliamentary developments over the past seven days, and talk to guests who have made the headlines (Stereo) Holiday Weather

12.25am My Very Best Friend (PG) (FILM) TVM 1996 Soapy thriller, starring Jaclyn Smith as a love-struck woman who murders her husband so she can pursue her ideal man — even though he is married to her best friend. Also starring Jill Eikenberry, Tom Irwin, Tom Mason and Kimberley Warnat (888) (Stereo)

1.55am    Sign Zone: Panorama Investigation into a police force alleged to have fabricated evidence in high-profile cases, including a major murder inquiry (Stereo)

2.45am    Sign Zone: Design Rules Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen goes back to basics with the fundamentals of design, providing answers to a range of common problems in people's homes (888) (Stereo)

3.15am    Sign Zone: Antiques Roadshow Michael Aspel and the team visit Kendal in the Lake District to view and value items including Russian silver, locally made furniture, a gilt table and a clock rescued from a skip. They also discover an inscribed first edition of Beatrix Potter's Pigling Bland (888) (Stereo)

4.10am    Sign Zone: Watchdog Consumer investigation show, exploring why a major car manufacturer appears to be ignoring warnings about a possible risk of engine failure (Stereo)

4.40am    BBC News 24 4.40 Hardtalk. Tim Sebastian talks to people in the news. 5.00 The World Today. International reports. 5.30 World Business Report. The latest business news, with informed analysis





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6.00am   CBeebies

       Angelmouse The saintly rodent and Quilly receive a message to help Hutchkin in the middle of the night (888) (Stereo) 6.10am Fireman Sam Trevor gets a flat tyre (888) 6.20am Fimbles Pom finds a toy mouse (888) (Stereo) 6.40am Tweenies Max's surprise doesn't work (888) (Stereo)

7.00am    CBBC

         ChuckleVision More comedy capers and calamities with the bumbling brothers (888) (Stereo) 7.20am Fix and Foxi Professor Knox has to escape (888) (Stereo) 7.30am Super Rupert The schoolchildren are plagued by a rash (888) (Stereo) 8.00am Newsround Current affairs reports (888) (Stereo) 8.05am Blue Peter From Warwick Castle (888) (Stereo)

8.30am    CBeebies

         The Story Makers The yarn-spinners discover something left behind by the librarian (888) (Stereo) 8.50am Dr Otter Donna plays at being a doctor (888) (Stereo) 9.00am Tweenies The pals learn about percussion instruments (888) (Stereo)

9.20am    CBeebies

         Sergeant Stripes Inspector Hector ropes Mike into a bicycle race, so Stripes resolves to get him back for Arabella (888) (Stereo) 9.30am Fimbles Fimbo finds a top hat (888) (Stereo) 9.50am Teletubbies Children go on a boat trip (888) (Stereo) CBeebies Birthdays

10.20am Schools

         Hands Up BSL Jane Lapotaire reads part one of The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes (888) 10.35am Hands Up BSL Part two of The Iron Man (888) 10.50am Pod's Mission Testing materials (888) 11.05am Pod's Mission Types of stone (888) 11.20am Focus A typical French school day (888)

11.30am The Daily Politics Parliamentary proceedings interspersed with discussions, interviews and filmed reports from around the country. Presented by Andrew Neil and Daisy Sampson (888)

12.30pm Working Lunch The latest stories from the business world (888)

1.00pm    Live Golf The Seve Trophy. Steve Rider presents coverage of the opening day at Valencia's Parador El Saler course, as Seve Ballesteros leads a Continental Europe team out against Colin Montgomerie's Great Britain & Ireland side. The competition has grown in stature since it was first held at Sunningdale in 2000 and with £100,000 on offer to each player on the winning team, the stakes have risen dramatically. The best that Europe has to offer will get under way this afternoon with the fourballs — can Monty's team get their title defence off to a good start? Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Alex Hay

3.30pm    Escape to the Country Nick Page helps the Camerons find a home in the tranquil Bedfordshire countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of Reading where they have lived for more than 20 years. Will one of the properties he's found be big enough to accommodate their huge book collection? (888) (Stereo)

4.30pm    Ready Steady Cook Brian Turner and Phil Vickery team up with radio DJs Pat Sharp and Toby Anstis to create more tasty meals in 20 minutes. Ainsley Harriot presents (888) (Stereo)

5.15pm    The Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

6.00pm    The Simpsons Mrs Krabappel tires of her lonely existence and searches for love in the personal ads, unaware mischievous pupil Bart has her in his sights (888) (Stereo)

6.20pm    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will is forced to have his tonsils removed, and while in hospital meets a wise-cracking senior citizen named Max, who gives him a different perspective on life. Milton Berle and Dr Dre guest star (888) (Stereo)

6.45pm    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dawn, Buffy, Anya and Willow all fall head over heels in love with a high-school football player, little realising they are being played as puppets by a malevolent force. Xander and Spike search for the source of the spell that has bewitched the girls, becoming reluctant room-mates into the bargain (888) (Stereo)

7.30pm    Landscape Mysteries Aubrey Manning explores Romney Marsh in Kent to discover more about its history. He learns that during the 13th century, the waterlogged land was drained and used for farming to support flourishing towns such as Hythe, Winchelsea and New Romney. However, a near-biblical series of disasters changed the lives of the people and the landscape for ever, leaving only isolated, ruined churches as a testament to the once-thriving communities who made the marsh their home (888) (Stereo)

8.00pm    Escape to the Country Catherine Gee attempts to help charity worker Claire Felix and her son Nathan find the perfect home in the Essex countryside, so she can foster more than one child at a time (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm    Everyman Last of three specials on alternative therapies. People suffering from chronic illness place themselves into the hands of spiritual healer Maureen Ramm, in an experiment to test controversial claims that faith can produce success where conventional medicine fails. As their treatments get under way, their doctor visits another healer who claims to have cured himself of cancer, so will the GP be surprised by this experiment's results? (888) (Stereo)

10.00pm QI Stephen Fry quizzes Dave Gorman, Jo Brand, Jeremy Hardy and Alan Davies on subjects as diverse as Alfred the Great, antelopes and artists, in the mind-boggling panel game (888) (Stereo)

10.30pm Newsnight Jeremy Paxman presents a comprehensive round-up of the day's events (888) (Stereo)

11.20pm Holidays in the Danger Zone Simon Reeve visits Tajikistan, a former republic of the Soviet Union where many Taliban and al-Qaida members continue to operate, and drug trafficking and organised crime are rife. He joins a group of conscripts paid a meagre $5 a month to patrol the dangerous Afghan border, and is left open-mouthed at a visit to a warehouse filled with £100million of heroin (888) (Stereo)

12.00am BBC Four on BBC Two: Quentin Tarantino Talks to Kirsty Wark The acclaimed director of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction discusses his career as new film Kill Bill: Volume One shows at cinemas across the country (888) (Stereo)

12.30am Learning Zone

         Open Science: Science Shack — Can You Fly Like a Bird? Adam Hart-Davis investigates why no human or engine-powered machine has ever achieved flight by flapping wings, and the resident engineers help him fly like a bird (888) 1.00am The Next Big Thing Life on the ocean floor (888) 1.30am Lab Detectives: Entomology The work of a forensic entomologist (888) 1.50am What Have the 60s Ever Done for Us? Discoveries and inventions of the decade (888) 2.00am The Mother of All Collisions The science of collisions (888) (Stereo) 2.30am Did Tibet Cool the Earth? Climate changes caused by the rise of the Tibetan plateau (888) (Stereo) 3.00am The Challenge: To Engineer a Million Building the world's fastest yacht (888) 3.30am Youth Creativity : Blast TV 3 Film, music, dance and art for teenagers (888) 4.00am Languages: The French Experience 2, 9-10 Intermediate French 5.00am Working in the Community: Health and Safety and Money Matters Practical guide for charities (888)




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6.00am   GMTV

6.00am   GMTV Newshour Round-up of the day's headlines, with John Stapleton and Penny Smith, plus Jackie Brambles' LA gossip

7.00am GMTV Today

Adopt a Child with Andrew Castle 8.35am LK Today With guest Sharon Osbourne

9.25am   Trisha The consequences of extramarital affairs, hearing from a man who claims married women simply shed their clothes at the sight of him, and now wants to ask his wife for an open relationship. Will she agree or give him the elbow? (888) (Stereo)

10.30am This Morning Comedian Jeff Green talks about his new book The A-Z of Being Single and pet trainers Carolyn Menteith and Nina Bondarenko transform more mischievous mutts into compliant canines. Including news bulletins at 10.50 and 11.55 (888) (Stereo)

12.00pm This Morning: Soaps Special The best soap exits and entrances, from Dirty Den's shooting to Bet Gilroy's return to the Street (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm ITV Lunchtime News Including Local News and ITV Weather (888) (Stereo)

1.00pm   Today with Des and Mel Des O'Connor and Melanie Sykes host another mix of celebrity chat and music (888) (Stereo)

2.00pm   Love 2 Shop Daily visit to the staff and shoppers at Manchester's busy Trafford Centre, as the build-up to Christmas continues (888)

2.30pm   Moving Day Series exploring the trials and triumphs of moving house — an event seemingly designed to push human endurance to its very limits (888) (Stereo)

3.00pm   London Today and Weather (888) Carlton City Survival Guide

3.15pm   CITV

       Meg and Mog The duo take a trip to the moon as a birthday treat for Mog (888) (Stereo) 3.20pm Engie Benjy Jollop has a balloon adventure (888) (Stereo) 3.30pm SpongeBob Squarepants SpongeBob wins a competition (888) (Stereo) 4.00pm Beat the CyBorgs The Hucknall Warriors v the Bright Sparks (888) 4.30pm That's So Raven A teacher calls on Raven's parents (888) (Stereo)

5.00pm    Boot Sale Treasure Hunt Two teams scour a car-boot sale in Denham, Buckinghamshire, hoping to find bargains to sell on for a profit (Stereo)

5.30pm    I Want That House The experts help Peter Farrugia and Nick Baker search for their dream home in Malta (888) (Stereo)

6.00pm    London Tonight (888)

6.30pm    ITV Evening News (888)

7.00pm    Emmerdale As Steph revels in the knowledge that her cheque is in the post, Gloria sets up surgery in the village hall, unaware that news of her dalliance has hit the tabloids. Viv is only too happy to fill her in, closely followed by Eric, whose fury knows no bounds. Frances is offended by Siobhan's attitude toward the miscarriage, and Marlon sets his heart on renting Pear Tree Cottage, but will Zoe let it to a Dingle? (888) (Stereo)

7.30pm    The Firing Squad As the excitement of another bonfire night dies down, reporters examine people's fascination with fireworks, a staggering 40 million of which are set off in Britain every year, at a cost of £100million. The documentary focuses on two displays — the first at a private wedding, where the bride's father just happens to own his own pyrotechnic business, meaning he can give his daughter everything she wants, and the second at Hampton Court music festival, where a firework-loving vicar has hung up his dog collar for the day to help out (Stereo)

8.00pm    The Bill Racial tensions rise in Sun Hill, and Adam Okaro is under pressure to placate both a local community leader and a National Party councillor — can he get both sides to talk without escalating the problem? Gabriel Kent offers June Ackland a shoulder to cry on, and is quick to turn on the charm when they pose as a couple in an undercover operation, while Phil Hunter struggles to focus at work, and admits he and Cindy are undergoing IVF treatment (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm    Holiday Showdown The Glass family pitch their tent in Newquay, Cornwall, but their companions, the Theodores, aren't happy campers, complaining about conditions on the site, days on the beach and coastal walks. They're much happier on a luxurious five-star break to Borneo, so when the two clans jet out there, they can't understand why the Glasses would rather get out and about and rough it a bit to see more of the country. Needless to say, neither shared holiday is a massive success (888) (Stereo)

10.00pm ITV News at Ten Including Local News and ITV Weather (888)

10.30pm Harry Hill's TV Burp The quirky comic takes a characteristically offbeat look at the week's television, subjecting the ongoing soap sagas, hottest celebrities and up-to-the-moment media gossip to his unique brand of surreal scrutiny (888) (Stereo)

11.00pm From Hollywood to Borehamwood While Hollywood may lead the way when it comes to international movie-making, London's film studios have had incredible success — no less than five of the top 15 grossing films of all time were made in the capital. This new six-part series marks 100 years of film-making at Pinewood, Elstree, Ealing, Shepperton, Twickenham and Bray Studios, and begins with a look at action movies, including the lucrative Bond series and their long association with Pinewood, home to the gigantic 007 soundstage (888) (Stereo)

11.29pm London Weather

11.30pm The Joy of Decks New series, following seasoned DJs Mr C, Roni Size, Sister Bliss and Tom Middleton as they advise four talented newcomers on everything from making studio recordings to playing international sets in Ibiza. The voyage of discovery begins as eight finalists from 300 original nominees battle it out for the honour of being chosen

12.05am Love Match Brendan Courtney hosts a speed-dating game show with a twist — the contestants have to work out who really fancies them, with the chance of a dream holiday in the company of their ideal match at stake. If they get it wrong, the fake date walks off with the prize (888) (Stereo)

12.30am Turn On Terry A selection of light-hearted TV reviews, previews and topical chat, hosted by Terry Christian (888)

12.55am Dare to Believe Offbeat cocktail of late-night comedy, philosophy and miscellaneous musings, featuring the talents of Chris England, Paul Simpkin, Tim Scott, Michael Marshall Smith and many others (888) (Stereo)

1.20am    CD UK Music show, featuring chart previews and studio performances. Hosted by Cat Deeley (888) (Stereo) ITV News Headlines

2.25am    The Machine Late-night entertainment quiz show, hosted by an animated beauty, in which seven contestants face “The Machine”, with the winner getting a chance to play in the final

2.50am    Cybernet Technology magazine, including reviews of the latest computer games, software and hardware, plus Internet news (888)

3.15am    Motorsport UK High-speed coverage from around the country, featuring action from recent events (888) (Stereo)

3.40am    Ghost Stories A doctor's disturbing dreams turn out to be more than just a figment of his fevered imagination. Starring Kris Batnager and Greg O'Donovan (Stereo) ITV News Headlines

4.05am    ITV Nightscreen Behind the scenes of ITV programmes and a guide to films being shown on the small screen, plus recipes and facts

5.30am    ITV Morning News


Channel 4


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5.55am   The Clangers Tiny Clanger catches a little trumpet from the music boat (888)

6.05am   The Hoobs Tula tries to make the biggest-ever Hoobynut loaf — but first has to gather the nuts (888)

6.30am   The Hoobs The gang act out a Peep fairy tale, but the last page is missing — what will happen? (888)

6.55am   RI:SE Iain Lee and Kate Lawler present entertainment news and stories

9.00am   Bewitched Spell-casting comedy, starring Elizabeth Montgomery as nose-twitching suburban witch Samantha (888)

9.30am   4Learning

       Scientific Eye Temperature and heat. (Age 11-14) (888) 9.50am Maths Mansion Recognising multiples. (Age 10-11) (888) 10.00am Maths Mansion Factors and prime numbers. (Age 10-11) (888) 10.10am Self Portraits UK Celebrity pictures. (Age 14-19) (888) 10.35am Extra Sam has a job interview. (Age 14-19) 11.00am The Hoobs A voyage of discovery. (Age 3-5) (888) 11.25am Science in Focus How oxygen and carbon dioxide circulate around the body. (Age 14-16) (888) 11.45am Living and Growing The birthing process. (Age 7-9) (888)

12.00pm News at Noon Daily update, including business news, sport and weather (888)

12.30pm Water Stories A group of custom car fanatics explain why they love to take their vehicles for a dip in the Thames (888)

12.35pm Home Sweet Home Property owners discuss how their lives and dreams are intertwined with their houses — from terraces and tower blocks to cottages and castles

12.50pm Hungry Hill (U) (FILM) 1947 Laboured dramatisation of Daphne du Maurier's novel, about a 19th-century Irish family who wage a bitter feud over three generations. Margaret Lockwood, Dennis Price, Cecil Parker, Michael Denison and Dermot Walsh star (888)

2.45pm    Fifteen to One Fast-paced general knowledge quiz, hosted by William G Stewart (888)

3.15pm    Countdown Film critic Barry Norman joins Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman for the words-and-numbers game (888) (Stereo)

4.00pm    A Place in the Sun Lincolnshire couple Mike and Jan Harrison search for a home in Spain's relatively unspoiled Castilla La Mancha, where property prices are low. With a budget of £50,000, they are able to view properties including a restored country home, a three-bedroom cottage with a kitchen garden, a chalet which boasts stunning valley views and a former coach house complete with courtyard (888)

5.00pm    Richard & Judy Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan's guest is Ronan Keating, who talks about his new single and album (888)

6.00pm    The Salon Further drama and behind-the-scenes gossip at the hair and beauty studio, based in the Trocadero Centre in London's West End, as guests drop in to share stories while they have their treatments. Plus, a preview of issues to be explored during themed days (888)

6.30pm    Hollyoaks The Hunters, eager to find a scapegoat, vent their anger on Lisa and Dan for not finding their sister. Tony gives Bombhead his big magic break, but instead of wowing the crowds with his skills, he merely annoys the customers, and Justin's worst fears are confirmed when his mother moves her boyfriend into the family home (888)

7.00pm    Channel 4 News Including sport and weather (888)

7.55pm    Mesh Short animation about a man who comes under the scrutiny of residents in a town where he is visiting a friend. Last in series (888)

8.00pm    Tales from River Cottage Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recalls the opportunities offered by the local rivers and sea, from fishing for tasty treats such as crabs, eels, cuttlefish and pike, to the chance of escaping his smallholding for a waterside adventure. He also reveals the practicalities and benefits of making seaweed fertiliser (888)

8.30pm    French Leave Summertime hits the south-west of France, bringing the local boules players out to enjoy the sun, so John prepares a feast for the tournament. His menu goes down a storm, but he finds that good food doesn't always help the competitors to victory (888)

9.00pm    The Queen's Lost Uncle Documentary exploring the scandalous life of Prince George, Duke of Kent, a drug addict and bisexual who counted Noel Coward among his conquests. A shrewd and charismatic figure, George also worked for British Intelligence, and was involved in a secret mission at the time of his death, aged 39, in a mysterious 1942 air crash (888)

10.00pm V Graham Norton The irrepressible host presents another dose of outrageous chat with celebrity guests and mischievous forays into the world of pop culture. Plus, the usual blend of irreverent stunts and humour (888)

10.40pm Daisy Daisy Miss Donovan investigates the world of American spelling competitions, known as bees, and accepts the challenge of entering one herself. The Tyler Texas annual event requires a team of three players, so Daisy begins a search to find two others to join her, enlisting the help of nine-year-old Samir Patel, the youngest Scripps Howard finalist— but when the chips are down, will she have what it takes to win? (888)

11.15pm Wife Swap In a twist to the usual format, two househusbands are the ones to leave, exchanging wives, homes and children for two weeks. Father-of-seven Nigel Bailey considers himself a human dynamo and on a normal day cooks individual meals for all his kids, completes four loads of washing and scrubs the floors three times. He swaps with dog-breeder Darren Duce-Mills, a biker and stepfather to 10-year-old Victor, who sees cleaning as a very low priority. Will the two be able to adjust to their new routines? Last in series (888)

12.20am Namibia Challenge A group comprising four wheelchair users and seven disadvantaged youngsters, are offered the trip of a lifetime to Namibia. Each experiences a sense of adventure for the first time, including a paralysed boy who abseils down a 40ft volcanic rock face, and a normally introverted girl whose outlook is completely transformed (888)

1.20am    Freesports on 4: National Adventure Sports Show Ed Leigh presents highlights from the extreme sports festival, featuring action from the Urban Attack competition, where skaters battle for the prestigious title of NASS champion. Plus, an interview with legendary BMX rider Matt Hoffman and coverage of the NASS BMX Vert Challenge (888)

1.50am    KOTV Russ Williams presents the boxing magazine show, with hard-hitting action from around the world (888)

2.20am    Powerboating Action from the opening round of the Honda Formula 4-Stroke Championship, the Northern Irish Grand Prix — who will take an early lead in the standings with victory here?

2.45am    The Porsche Carrera Cup Sarah Matravers presents highlights of the fifth and sixth rounds of the season at the Rockingham Speedway and the Croft circuit. Commentary by Ben Edwards and Tim Harvey (888)

3.15am    Brazilian Football Championship Coverage from South America of a recent game in the world champions' domestic league

5.00am    Countdown Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman present the words-and-numbers game, with soprano Lesley Garrett in Dictionary Corner (888) (Stereo)




(last updated Thu 06 Nov 2003, 05:26 GMT)


6.00am   Sunrise Round-up of national and international news, with Allan King and Emma Crosby (Stereo)

6.30am   Milkshake!

       A House That's Just Like Yours Children's fun with the puppet mice (Stereo) 6.55am Hi-5 Nathan plans a sculpture (888) (Stereo) 7.30am Make Way for Noddy The goblins' box makes mischief (Stereo) 7.45am Make Way for Noddy Skippy Skittle makes a stand (Stereo) 8.00am Bear in the Big Blue House Tutter is nervous about starting school (888) (Stereo) 8.30am Rolie Polie Olie Adventures of the clockwork hero (Stereo) 8.55am MechaNick The friendly mechanic falls ill (Stereo) 9.05am Franny's Feet A rhino falls out with his friend (Stereo) 9.20am Softies Puppet fun (Stereo)

9.30am    Capital Floyd Keith Floyd visits Edinburgh, where he races against the clock to prepare scallop recipes, grouse with wild mushrooms, and pheasant with apple and calvados sauce. He then steps aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia to whip up salmon stuffed with ginger, lime and sultanas (888)

10.00am The Wright Stuff Matthew Wright and his guests discuss the issues of the day (Stereo)

11.00am The Terry and Gaby Show Former Take That singer Mark Owen drops in to chat to Richard Whiteley and Gaby Roslin, with Danny Baker in the studio to answer viewers' questions (888) (Stereo)

12.00pm five news at noon Global headline round-up, with Rob Butler (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm Home and Away Angie dispenses words of wisdom to Leah, and Max finds it increasingly difficult to live in Colleen's shadow, while Alf has a sudden change of heart and opts to undergo brain surgery after all — but friends inevitably fear that he has left it too late (888) (Stereo) five news update (888) (Stereo)

1.00pm    Family Affairs Unpleasant acquaintance Mike calls on Eileen and starts throwing his weight about, casting a shadow over her attempts to make a fresh start. Geri decides to forgive Marc and give him another chance, while Lewis comes up with the bright idea of going to see Ginny in France, and sets about convincing Cameron to join him (888) (Stereo)

1.30pm    BrainTeaser Interactive game show in which four contestants put their wits to the test in a variety of word games and puzzles in an attempt to win up to £3,000. Viewers at home also get the chance to compete via telephone or e-mail (Stereo)

2.35pm    Charlie's Angels Kelly is badly wounded while tracking an embezzler and taken to hospital, where Bosley and the other Angels hold a bedside vigil and reminisce about her adventures with the group. Drama, starring Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts (888) five news update (888) (Stereo)

3.35pm    The Games (PG) (FILM) 1970 Michael Winner's tepid sporting drama following four athletes from around the world as they prepare for a gruelling Olympic marathon. Michael Crawford, Ryan O'Neal, Stanley Baker, Charles Aznavour and Jeremy Kemp star (888)

5.30pm    five news Global headline update, with Charlie Stayt (888) (Stereo)

6.00pm    Home and Away Alf is rushed to hospital in a critical condition, while friends and neighbours gather at the diner to await news and offer each other support. Elsewhere, Seb is left kicking himself after missing out on the chance of romance with Kirsty, and Dani prays love will come her way (888) (Stereo)

6.30pm    Family Affairs Mike spills the beans about Eileen's murky past to a shocked Doug, Yasmin is thrilled with Trevor's photos, while Sadie is heartbroken when Cat tells her a few home truths and Chrissy grows more concerned about Chloe's health (888) (Stereo)

7.00pm    Live UEFA Cup Football Steaua Bucharest v Liverpool (Kick-off 7.10pm). John Barnes introduces the second-round first-leg clash in Romania between two teams that boast proud records in European competition. The hosts reached two European Cup finals in the late 1980s, winning in 1986 before losing out three years later to the legendary AC Milan side. They'll be eager to recapture their former glory, but face a tough test against Gerard Houllier's men who have a good record in the tournament after winning in 2001 and reaching the quarter-finals last year

9.00pm    five news at 9 (Stereo)

9.15pm    Escape to Victory (PG) (FILM) 1981 Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone play Allied PoWs who take to the football field in a bid to escape their German captors. Stirring World War Two adventure, with Max von Sydow and Daniel Massey. Soccer stars also making appearances include Pele, Bobby Moore, Ossie Ardiles, Mike Summerbee, Russell Osman and John Wark (888) (Stereo)

11.30pm Real Sex A peep-show performer who works behind glass, and a cracking couple who make whips for a living. Plus, a charity ball where the entertainment is under the table (888) (Stereo)

12.30am Jonathan Pearce's Football Night A look back at this week's Champions League and UEFA Cup games, plus a preview of the weekend's Premiership action, including the north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur at Highbury and Liverpool v Manchester United at Anfield (Stereo)

1.10am    UEFA Cup Football Steaua Bucharest v Liverpool. Another chance to see the second-round first-leg clash in Romania between two teams that boast proud records in European competition (Stereo)

2.40am    Dutch Football Ajax v AZ Alkmaar. Top-flight action from Holland as the mighty Amsterdam giants look to get their season going with a home win. Ajax have started poorly and following their exit from the Champions League at the qualifying stages they'll be aiming to show the rest of the league that they aren't a spent force (Stereo)

4.10am    Argentinian Football Boca Juniors v Independiente. Coverage of the Torneo Apertura match at the Bombanera stadium, where the hosts will want to continue their excellent start to the season against an Independiente side who are currently 14th in the standings (Stereo)

5.15am    Argentinian Football Highlights All the goals and talking points from the latest matches in Argentina's Torneo Apertura (Stereo)